Mission Statement

To encourage literacy and the love of reading, and to enhance the quality of life in our community by connecting people with materials, resources and each other.

Library Staff

Kristina Kelley-Johnson, Library Director: gro.b1544522687ilsiw1544522687.grub1544522687stnar1544522687g@ani1544522687tsirk1544522687
Sara Christopherson, Youth Services Librarian: gro.b1544522687ilsiw1544522687.grub1544522687stnar1544522687g@ara1544522687s1544522687
Gail Potvin: gro.b1544522687ilsiw1544522687.grub1544522687stnar1544522687g@lia1544522687g1544522687
Terri Lee: gro.b1544522687ilsiw1544522687.grub1544522687stnar1544522687g@irr1544522687et1544522687

Library Board of Trustees

Ken Kutz, President
Pam Davies, Vice President
Carissa Kammeyer, Secretary, School District Representative
Caylin Muehlberg, Village Trustee Representative
Annette Mosley, Village of Grantsburg Representative
Duke Tucker, Burnett County Rural Representative
Mandi Amundson, Village of Grantsburg Representative

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The Grantsburg Public Library, founded by the Grantsburg Woman’s Club, opened its doors to the public on Saturday, November 22, 1947, in space donated by Burnett Larson in Larson’s Supply Store. Members of the community donated books.

In 1950 the library was moved to the Francis Freeman building on Oak Street, where, for 27 years, Francis stoked the fires, paid for snow removal and charged minimal rent for the use of the library space.

With the relocation of the village offices and the library to the community building in 1978, a municipal library was established by a resolution passed by the Grantsburg Village Board.

When the Grantsburg School District built a new middle school, the library and village offices moved into the newly renovated old junior high building.  The new library was dedicated on October 22, 2000.