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How to Get a Library Card Policy

A customer obtains a Grantsburg Library (GPL) card by submitting a completed Borrower Registration Form. Any customer who wants to obtain or replace a library card from RPL must provide a valid non-expired government issued identification. There is no charge for the initial card; however, a replacement card costs $3. GPL accepts the following as valid identification:

• Driver’s license issued by a state in the U.S.
• Photo ID issued by a state in the U.S.
• United States Military ID Card
• United States Passport
• Matricula Consular Card issued by Mexico

Expired identification will not be accepted. If the identification does not show current address,
additional proof of address showing name and residence address must be provided. GPL accepts the
following to show address:

• Certified school record or transcript issued within the last 90 days
• Checkbook
• Deed, mortgage, rental or lease agreement for Wisconsin property
• Letters from probation/parole agents on letterhead issued within the last 90 days
• Homeless shelter documentation
• Property tax receipt
• Utility bill
• Valid hunting or fishing license

For customers who are unable to provide valid identification or proof of residency a library card can be
issued that allows only one item checked out on the account at a time. This exception would apply to
customers with valid identification without the correct address and no other identification with the
correct address. It would also apply to customers without a valid identification, but who do have a
checkbook, rent receipt, utility bill, or postmarked mail showing the correct address. In these cases
library staff will put a note in the customer’s account until the missing information is provided.
Customers through age 15 must have a parent or legal guardian register them to obtain a library
card. The parent/guardian must provide valid identification and show proof of address.
Customers age 16 and 17 may register without parent/guardian signature provided the customer can
supply valid official identification and show proof of residency. A parent or legal guardian may also

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